Insurance law

We provide advice on insurance matters, particularly in the following areas:

  • Change-of-ownership insurance
  • Bungalow/building insurance
  • Building fires
  • Compulsory defective construction insurance

The legal advice we provide in insurance law primarily involves the insurance of real property.

In the areas of change-of-ownership insurance and bungalow insurance, we assist in assessing the extent to which a damage claim is insured. We have been assessing and conducting cases against insurance companies for many years.

In our experience, many insurance companies frequently reject damage claims. Therefore, we advise our clients in many instances to bring in a technical consultant to be able to better identify the constructional aspects of the case. We can refer to some of the best technical consultants in Denmark.

If we assess that an insurance company has groundlessly rejected a damage claim, we assist in bring the case before the Insurance Complaints Board and/or the courts.