Expropriation and law relating to adjoining properties

We provide legal assistance notably to technical consultants and municipalities in working out plans, including to ensure compliance with the requirements of planning law.

We assist private individuals, businesspersons and anyone else affected by plans who wish to challenge or file an appeal for a judicial review pursuant to planning law, including EIA or environmental review legislation. In this connection, we conduct cases before the Nature and Environment Complaints Board and, if necessary, the courts.

We assist in all types of cases relating to environmental issues, including under the soil contamination act, in conjunction with the mapping of areas pursuant to the law, decontamination and distribution of the expenses.

We assist in matters governed by the law relating to adjoining properties pursuant to the building code, the planning act and other legislation.

Furthermore, we provide advice on legal status in the event of expropriation and the possibility of raising an objection or claiming financial compensation in this connection.

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