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Pind & Partnere specialise in real property, construction and insurance, and we are keenly focused on resolving our clients’ challenges – quickly and efficiently. We have legal advisers in the following fields who are ready to help you resolve your case.

About Pind & Partnere

The property sector is filled with interesting people, visionary perspectives and good projects. Valuable assets are often at stake, and the cases can be technically complicated.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to prevent disputes arising from time to time. When this happens, there is a risk that a case will drag on for years.

Persons or organisations who have been involved in prolonged disputes can confirm that the costs – in the form of project delays, internal waste of resources, disappointments, high legal and consulting fees and, not least, the loss of a partner – do not always measure up to the litigation/arbitration “victory” two or three years later.


We are convinced that clients are often best served if we actively seek an amicable solution that can salvage future cooperation, rather than expensive, prolonged legal proceedings.

In our experience, the likelihood of a fast and efficient settlement is significantly improved when the lawyers actively and sincerely work to resolve a case through amicable settlement.

Resolving a case quickly and efficiently requires a lawyer who is highly professional and a proven communicator with a flair for identifying openings for a possible settlement. In other words, good judgement or craftsmanship.

Wherever possible, we want to help our clients avoid long-drawn-out disputes. Therefore, we field a team of legal experts who broadly cover every aspect of real property, construction and insurance, and who are keenly focused on taking a solution-oriented approach to their cases. This enables our clients to quickly move on and create value for their customers and partners.

Our legal advice is pragmatic, direct, attentive and solution-oriented. We give high priority to keeping the level of conflict under control and fostering constructive dialogue to make an amicable settlement possible. Naturally, our strategy here is closely coordinated with our clients in each individual case.

Not all cases can be resolved amicably. In some instances, options for a compromise simply do not exist or they may already have been exhausted. In these situations, we have vast litigation and arbitration experience, particularly in cases brought before the Danish Building and Construction Arbitration Board and the Complaints Board for Public Procurement. We prepare litigation and arbitration cases meticulously in close cooperation with our clients to achieve the best results.

We focus on every aspect of the cases from beginning to end, and we draw on a large network of different organisations/consultants in the real property sector to help our clients achieve their objectives – not only in terms of the legal outcomes.

We look forward to helping you resolve your case.


Lawyer (L), partner

Marie-Louise is skilled at quickly finding the essence of a case. She identifies the source of the difficulty and excels at the art of compromise.
This is why Marie-Louise is rarely found in court.
E-mail: mp@pplaw.dk
 +45 29 13 61 21

Lawyer (L), partner

Anders loves managing multiple tasks and is often in court. He gives high priority to being accessible to his clients. When Anders is handling your case, you feel you are in good hands.
E-mail: at@pplaw.dk
Mobil:  +45 20 76 63 43

Lawyer (H), partner 

Carsten is unrivalled at communicating difficult and slightly nerdy legal jargon in the areas of procurement and contract law. Carsten’s love of the law is surpassed only by his fervent interest in finding practical solutions for his cases.
E-mail: clj@pplaw.dk
Mobil:  +45 40 53 80 42

Lawyer (H), partner

Jesper’s principal focus in on transactions, construction law, commercial rental/leasing law, litigation and arbitration. Jesper gives you a realistic, reliable assessment of your case, without beating around the bush.

E-mail: jn@pplaw.dk
Mobil:  +45 29 38 12 06


Majse specializes in procurement law and has a broad and versatile profile, as she works with clients across the construction industry on a daily basis. She has many years of experience in advising both contractors and technical advisers on the organization of tendering, as well as strategic participation in public tender processes within the field of construction and civil engineering in particular.

E-mail: mj@pplaw.dk
Mobil: +45 24 25 51 68


Mads specializes in contract law and transactions. Over the years, he has gained extensive experience with a wide range of construction areas. Mads also has extensive experience with the preparation and implementation of large and complex legal and arbitration cases.

Furthermore Mads advises on the transfer of properties and companies, where he has considerable experience in organizing, negotiating and implementing such processes.

E-mail: ms@pplaw.dk
Mobil: +45 40 27 50 88


Anders specializes in real estate transactions, commercial and tenancy law and project development. Over the years, Anders has advised a number of Danish and international investors in connection with the purchase and sale of commercial properties in particular with a commercial and solution-oriented focus.

E-mail: as@pplaw.dk
Mobil:  +45 25 24 51 55


Ulrikke has experience from the insurance industry and specializes in insurance law. Ulrikke has advised on a wide range of insurance cases with particular focus on change of ownership insurance and house insurance cases. Ulrikke also advises on residential property transactions.

E-mail: uo@pplaw.dk
Mobil:  +45 23710160

Assistant attorney

Tobias assists in solving legal issues within, among other things, debt collection, construction and legal proceedings.

Email: tt@pplaw.dk
Mobil: 23649274

Assistant attorney

Cecilie assists in solving legal issues within, in particular, procurement law and in the field of contract law

E-mail: ce@pplaw.dk
Mobil:  +45 30 47 20 30